Vertical Operations

Cultivation - Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse

Processors/Harvesters - Owned or Subcontracted

Manufacturers: Cannabis and Non-Cannabis Products

Wholesalers/Distributors: Brokers


General Liability

Product Liability

Excess Liability



Equipment Breakdown

Loss of Income

Cyber Liability

Additional Classifications

Transporters: Owned or Subcontracted

Franchisers: In State or Multi State


Delivery to Consumer


Garden Store: Retail, Wholesale and Hydroponics


Customized Insurance to Fit Your Needs

Each operation is unique. Here at AXIOM, our executives take into account all facets of your business and structure coverage to fit your needs. We format your policies so as your business grows; each foundational coverage flexes and expands allowings for maximum benefits to you - the owner.

We Help You Grow...Your Business

Our licensed program experts will perform a comprehensive review of your risk either in person or over the phone where we will gain a more intimate feel for your operations - then get to work on your customized insurance plan.

We give you what you need, not what you don't.


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